Codycross Seasons Group 61 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Fellow Member Of A Team
Solution: Teammate

Question: A Special Date Birthday Anniversary
Solution: Occasion

Question: Accused Of Adultery In Shakespeares Winters Tale
Solution: Hermione

Question: Aquatic Animal 5 Arms Regrows Body Parts
Solution: Starfish

Question: Battle At Which Gauls Defeated The Romans
Solution: Gergovia

Question: Buckeye Capital Home To Zookeeper Jack Hanna
Solution: Columbus

Question: College Named For The Dead Of The 100 Years War
Solution: All souls

Question: English Revolutionary Leader Of The Commonwealth
Solution: Cromwell

Question: Franz Composer Of The Unfinished Symphony
Solution: Schubert

Question: Kitchen Closet Cabinet
Solution: Cupboard

Question: Large Chunk Of Land That Rises Up Above The Rest
Solution: Mountain

Question: Lightning McQueens Best Friend Sidekick In Cars
Solution: Tow mater

Question: Person Or Team Moved Up From A Lower Position
Solution: Promoted

Question: Physicist Offered The Presidency Of Israel
Solution: Einstein

Question: President Moderator Presider
Solution: Chairman

Question: Rock That When Polished Results Into Jade
Solution: Nephrite

Question: Specially Trained Military Personnel
Solution: Commando

Question: Spikes Affixed To Mountaineering Boots
Solution: Crampons

Question: Jolie American Actress And Oscar Winner
Solution: Angelina

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