Codycross Seasons Group 61 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A National Symbol For Ireland
Solution: Shamrock

Question: A Quick And Casual Photograph
Solution: Snapshot

Question: American 1973 Movie By George Lucas
Solution: Graffiti

Question: American By George Lucas
Solution: Graffiti

Question: Ancient Military Piece That Throws Objects
Solution: Catapult

Question: April Holiday Celebrating Trees And Nature
Solution: Arbor day

Question: Container Holding School Childrens Meal
Solution: Lunch box

Question: English Christian Denomination
Solution: Anglican

Question: Footwear For Keeping Tootsies Toasty At Night
Solution: Bedsocks

Question: His Heel Was His Only Weak Spot
Solution: Achilles

Question: Image Trimming
Solution: Cropping

Question: Monstrous Strangely Diabolical
Solution: Ghoulish

Question: Narcolepsy Is A Sleep
Solution: Disorder

Question: Nearest Star System From The Sun Alpha
Solution: Centauri

Question: Nonrepresentational Art
Solution: Abstract

Question: Oscar Winner Demon Voice McCambridge
Solution: Mercedes

Question: Tends And Herds Ruminant Mammals
Solution: Shepherd

Question: They Raise Cattle
Solution: Ranchers

Question: This Pasta Means Little Tongues In Italian
Solution: Linguine

Question: To Supply With Water To Wash Out
Solution: Irrigate

Question: Song 1977 ABBA Track About A Movie Gorilla
Solution: King kong

Question: On Someone Check Up On A Persons Activities
Solution: Keep tabs

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