Codycross Science Lab Group 320 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Austere And Strict
Solution: Spartan

Question: Car Bus Or Truck
Solution: Vehicle

Question: Curved Entrance
Solution: Archway

Question: Divine Delivery
Solution: Godsend

Question: Flying Plastic Plate Toy
Solution: Frisbee

Question: French Term For Additional Performances
Solution: Encores

Question: Height Or Reputation
Solution: Stature

Question: Indonesian Capital On The Island Of Java
Solution: Jakarta

Question: Inventor Of Blue Jeans Levi
Solution: Strauss

Question: John Entwistles Role In The Who
Solution: Bassist

Question: Late For The Deadline
Solution: Overdue

Question: Marriage Ceremony
Solution: Wedding

Question: Most Unhappy
Solution: Saddest

Question: Oily Fish Often Smoked Salted Or Pickled
Solution: Herring

Question: Paid No Mind To
Solution: Ignored

Question: Preventing From Speaking Or Writing Freely
Solution: Gagging

Question: Single Installment Of A TV Series
Solution: Episode

Question: Something Usefully Delivered From A Deity Perhaps
Solution: Godsend

Question: Term For Diseases Far From The Site Of Origin
Solution: Ecdemic

Question: 6 Disney Movie About A Superhero Team
Solution: Big hero

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