Codycross Science Lab Group 319 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Detailed Plan Of The Activities On A Trip
Solution: Itinerary

Question: Active Sicilian Volcano
Solution: Mount etna

Question: An Orchestras Leader
Solution: Conductor

Question: Ash The Start Of Lent For American Catholics
Solution: Wednesday

Question: Cracks In Bones
Solution: Fractures

Question: Dramatically Drastically
Solution: Radically

Question: Last Name Synonymous With Crystal Embellishments
Solution: Swarovski

Question: Listing Sent By A Bank Itemizing Spending
Solution: Statement

Question: Motto Of The FBI Fidelity Bravery And
Solution: Integrity

Question: Snoopys Yellow Bird Pal In Peanuts Comic Strip
Solution: Woodstock

Question: Timber Found On The Beach
Solution: Driftwood

Question: To Butt In While Someone Is Talking
Solution: Interrupt

Question: Track For Cycling Races
Solution: Velodrome

Question: Without Basic Life Necessities
Solution: Destitute

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