Codycross Science Lab Group 319 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Brief Plot Summary
Solution: Synopsis

Question: A Neutral Facial Expression When Playing Cards
Solution: Game face

Question: All Across The Metropolis
Solution: Citywide

Question: Amount Of Precipitation
Solution: Rainfall

Question: An Aubergine In The UK An In The US
Solution: Eggplant

Question: Aquatic Creature That Inflates Itself
Solution: Blowfish

Question: Collections Of Old Important Documents
Solution: Archives

Question: Complete
Solution: Absolute

Question: Glasses With Two Lens Powers
Solution: Bifocals

Question: Gnaeus Julius Roman Governor Of Britain
Solution: Agricola

Question: Loss An Insurance Company Employee
Solution: Adjuster

Question: Memorial Notice Detailing A Life Before Death
Solution: Obituary

Question: Protected Against Harm Or Attack
Solution: Defended

Question: Protected An Army Against Attack
Solution: Defended

Question: Religious Voyagers To North America
Solution: Pilgrims

Question: Runs In The Buff
Solution: Streaker

Question: Sticking Gluing
Solution: Adhering

Question: Thank You In Portuguese By A Woman
Solution: Obrigada

Question: Wall Hanging For Outerwear
Solution: Coat hook

Question: What An Umpire Yells To Start A Baseball Game
Solution: Play ball

Question: Toast Crunch General Mills Cereal
Solution: Cinnamon

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