Codycross Science Lab Group 319 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Apportions
Solution: Allots

Question: Cause Vandalism To A Building
Solution: Deface

Question: Country Whose Capital Is Riga
Solution: Latvia

Question: Crunchy Veg Of The Parsley Family
Solution: Celery

Question: Delight Someone
Solution: Please

Question: Filtering System In The Mouths Of Humpback Whales
Solution: Baleen

Question: First Name Of Friedman
Solution: Milton

Question: Full Metal Movie Title And Bullet
Solution: Jacket

Question: Hyundais Mid Sized Car
Solution: Sonata

Question: In Baseball MVP Stands For Most Valuable
Solution: Player

Question: Machine For Cooling Food
Solution: Fridge

Question: Marvel Character Born On Titan
Solution: Thanos

Question: Performing In A Play Or Film
Solution: Acting

Question: Quote From Keats A Thing Of Is A Joy Forever
Solution: Beauty

Question: Sheer Chaos
Solution: Mayhem

Question: TV Sitcom About Four Older Women Girls
Solution: Golden

Question: Taxi Driver
Solution: Cabbie

Question: Thumb The Innermost Digit
Solution: Pollex

Question: Tim Burton Directed Michael In Beetlejuice
Solution: Keaton

Question: Type Of Vision Comes From Lost Peripheral Sight
Solution: Tunnel

Question: Vandalize
Solution: Deface

Question: Waltzes Sambas And Foxtrots
Solution: Dances

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