Codycross Science Lab Group 318 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Author Of The Da Vinci Code
Solution: Dan brown

Question: Flashy Pianist With The Middle Name Valentino
Solution: Liberace

Question: Lakeland Yorkshire Or Westies Are All This
Solution: Terriers

Question: Looked Around New Territory
Solution: Explored

Question: Panel To Shade A Vehicle Drivers Eyes From Glare
Solution: Sun visor

Question: Pinnacle Of New York Theater
Solution: Broadway

Question: Revelation Of A Secret Identity
Solution: Exposure

Question: Rods For Spinning Wool
Solution: Spindles

Question: Salty Asian Condiment
Solution: Soy sauce

Question: Transparent Rocks Perhaps With Healing Powers
Solution: Crystals

Question: Unfastens Separates
Solution: Detaches

Question: Waste Money Carelessly
Solution: Squander

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