Codycross Science Lab Group 318 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Common Conjunction For Reason That
Solution: Because

Question: Able To Stretch And Go Back To Its Original Shape
Solution: Elastic

Question: Capital Of The Peoples Republic Of China
Solution: Beijing

Question: Comic Strip Originated By Charles Schulz In 1950
Solution: Peanuts

Question: Duties Levied On Imported And Exported Goods
Solution: Tariffs

Question: Entwines And Knots
Solution: Tangles

Question: Horses Straps To Allow It To Pull A Vehicle
Solution: Harness

Question: In Christianity Person Jesus Raised From The Dead
Solution: Lazarus

Question: Infectious Red Skin Rash Seen In Babies
Solution: Roseola

Question: Paintings On Plaster
Solution: Frescos

Question: Proves A Belief To Be Wrong
Solution: Debunks

Question: Ray Of Natural Light
Solution: Sunbeam

Question: Scandinavian Spirit Made From Grain Or Potatoes
Solution: Aquavit

Question: Simon Led South American Independence Movement
Solution: Bolivar

Question: Starch From The Roots Of The Manioc Plant
Solution: Tapioca

Question: Tall Village Green Edifice For Spring Dancing
Solution: Maypole

Question: The Character Wendys Last Name In Peter Pan
Solution: Darling

Question: Walking Under These Is Considered Unlucky
Solution: Ladders

Question: Prime The Leader Of The Autobots
Solution: Optimus

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