Codycross Science Lab Group 318 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Central Heating Apparatus Fixed To A Wall
Solution: Radiator

Question: Deliberately Sank A Ship By Cutting A Hole In It
Solution: Scuttled

Question: Forever Or The Name Given To A Ring
Solution: Eternity

Question: Herb Also Known As Coriander
Solution: Cilantro

Question: Jurassic Park Author Michael
Solution: Crichton

Question: Keep Under Control
Solution: Restrict

Question: Kelly British TV Host Daughter Of Ozzy
Solution: Osbourne

Question: Killer Of An Important Figure
Solution: Assassin

Question: Mixed Varied
Solution: Assorted

Question: Old Unsolved Crime Opened For Reinvestigation
Solution: Cold case

Question: Quality Of Being Tense Irritable
Solution: Edginess

Question: Social Health Care Program
Solution: Medicaid

Question: System That Allows Water To Disperse
Solution: Drainage

Question: This Ocean Covers About 20 Of The Earths Surface
Solution: Atlantic

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