Codycross Science Lab Group 315 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: American Multiple Medal Winning Swimmer Katie
Solution: Ledecky

Question: Art Of Paper Folding
Solution: Origami

Question: City Where Martin Luther King Jr Was Killed
Solution: Memphis

Question: Craziness Out Of Control
Solution: Madness

Question: Dental Margin Between Teeth And Flesh
Solution: Gumline

Question: Fights Combat Conflicts Sometimes Pitched
Solution: Battles

Question: Lawn Game With Balls Mallets And Hoops
Solution: Croquet

Question: Low Lying Salty Middle Eastern Lake
Solution: Dead sea

Question: Organized Moving Protests
Solution: Marches

Question: Protests On The Streets
Solution: Marches

Question: Purposely Disconsidered
Solution: Ignored

Question: Rodent Who Enjoys Company
Solution: Pack rat

Question: Silvery White Metallic Element Found In Batteries
Solution: Cadmium

Question: Skill Competence Expertise
Solution: Prowess

Question: Slipped On A Wet Road
Solution: Skidded

Question: Well Demonstrating Good Conduct
Solution: Behaved

Question: Soup For The Soul
Solution: Chicken

Question: Gum Food Additive A Thickening Agent
Solution: Xanthan

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