Codycross Science Lab Group 315 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: When Shall We Three Meet Again Starts This Play
Solution: Macbeth

Question: Advance Payment To Secure A Holiday Or A Flight
Solution: Deposit

Question: Avoid In Protest
Solution: Boycott

Question: Billy Played Harry To Meg Ryans Sally
Solution: Crystal

Question: Catchy Phrases Used In Advertising
Solution: Slogans

Question: Character Who Decapitated Medusa
Solution: Perseus

Question: Citrus And Champagne Cocktails
Solution: Mimosas

Question: Critically Endangered Largest Primate Eastern
Solution: Gorilla

Question: Dwayne Actor Also Known As The Rock
Solution: Johnson

Question: Edible Bivalves From The Sea
Solution: Mussels

Question: Extend
Solution: Prolong

Question: Fibrous Tissue Connecting Muscles And Bones
Solution: Tendons

Question: Grammy Winning Hit By Train Drops Of
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Lectures Given In Churches
Solution: Sermons

Question: Rainy Season In South And South East Asia
Solution: Monsoon

Question: Red Pigment In Beets Used For Food Coloring
Solution: Betanin

Question: Restriction On Trade Or Release Of News
Solution: Embargo

Question: Ruled Like A Queen
Solution: Reigned

Question: Starkly Desolately
Solution: Bleakly

Question: Streaming And Video On Demand Giant
Solution: Netflix

Question: The Film Noir With Burt Lancaster
Solution: Killers

Question: The Art Of Imitating Someone
Solution: Mimicry

Question: Time Period Where A Story Takes Place
Solution: Setting

Question: Used By Those Under House Arrest Ankle
Solution: Monitor

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