Codycross Science Lab Group 315 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Borrowers Source
Solution: Lender

Question: Drummers Metal Accessory
Solution: Cymbal

Question: Explosions
Solution: Blasts

Question: Pearl Maker
Solution: Oyster

Question: Removed The Seed
Solution: Pitted

Question: Scoop Mud Out From The Bottom Of A River
Solution: Dredge

Question: Sea Between Russia And Alaska
Solution: Bering

Question: Social Networking Site For Posting Mini Blogs
Solution: Tumblr

Question: Something Incomprehensible Or Nonsense Dutch
Solution: Double

Question: Spanish Rice Dish Usually Has Seafood In It
Solution: Paella

Question: Strainers For Flour
Solution: Sieves

Question: The First James Bond Novel Royale
Solution: Casino

Question: The Highest Point
Solution: Summit

Question: They Built The First Aqueduct
Solution: Romans

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