Codycross Science Lab Group 315 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Study In Tale Where Holmes And Watson Meet
Solution: Scarlet

Question: Brief Cinematic Shots Showing Passage Of Time
Solution: Montage

Question: Close Knit Unwelcoming Groups Of People
Solution: Cliques

Question: Flew Somewhere Quickly In A Group
Solution: Flocked

Question: Funny Mistake By A Broadcaster
Solution: Blooper

Question: HB B Or H Graphite Drawing Implements
Solution: Pencils

Question: Legal Document For Searches
Solution: Warrant

Question: Lincolns First Name
Solution: Abraham

Question: Medical Term For Kneecap
Solution: Patella

Question: Mollusc Rhymes With Phony
Solution: Abalone

Question: Mother Of Persephone Sister Of Zeus
Solution: Demeter

Question: No 221B Was Where Sherlock Holmes Lived In London
Solution: Baker st

Question: Reality Show Hosted By Julie Chen Big
Solution: Brother

Question: Refined And Polite As For A Royal Audience
Solution: Courtly

Question: Rescue Parts Of A Wrecked Ship
Solution: Salvage

Question: Sea Creature Of Eight Arms
Solution: Octopus

Question: Shellfish Rhymes With Pony
Solution: Abalone

Question: Study Of Past Events A School Subject
Solution: History

Question: The Four Periods That A Year Is Divided Into
Solution: Seasons

Question: Tissues That Work Together To Create Movement
Solution: Muscles

Question: Used To Propel Small Boats Like Oars
Solution: Paddles

Question: Why Apples Fall
Solution: Gravity

Question: Mori In English Remember You Will Die
Solution: Memento

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