Codycross Science Lab Group 314 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Basilica Of The Sagrada Familia Is In This City
Solution: Barcelona

Question: Branch Of Botany Concerning Seaweeds Other Algae
Solution: Phycology

Question: Britains Floating Army
Solution: Royal navy

Question: British Explorer Who Met Pocahontas
Solution: John smith

Question: Cultivating Again
Solution: Regrowing

Question: Describes Music With A Single Melodic Line
Solution: Monophony

Question: Expert In Matter And Energy
Solution: Physicist

Question: Female Massage Therapists
Solution: Masseuses

Question: German Language Encyclopedia
Solution: Brockhaus

Question: NYC Neighborhood Where Mott Street Is Located
Solution: Chinatown

Question: Nashville NHL Team
Solution: Predators

Question: Oscar Winning Director For A Beautiful Mind
Solution: Ron howard

Question: Pasta Sauce With Pancetta Egg And Grated Cheese
Solution: Carbonara

Question: Pedestrian Lanes
Solution: Sidewalks

Question: People Are Often Caught Between A Rock And A
Solution: Hard place

Question: Preceding Lawn
Solution: Front yard

Question: Unrefined Unpolished
Solution: Inelegant

Question: Weather Ritual To Induce Precipitation
Solution: Rain dance

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