Codycross Science Lab Group 314 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Area Of The Sea Where The Water Is Not Deep
Solution: Shallows

Question: Dark Purple Fruit Called Aubergine In The UK
Solution: Eggplant

Question: Dark Purple Vegetable Also Called Aubergine
Solution: Eggplant

Question: Double Phrase That Can Be Taken Two Ways
Solution: Entendre

Question: Equal To 1024 KB
Solution: Megabyte

Question: Equal To 1024 Kilobytes
Solution: Megabyte

Question: Fine Wool Fabric From Kashmir Used In Shawls
Solution: Pashmina

Question: George Jerrys Best Friend On Seinfeld
Solution: Costanza

Question: Hard Italian Almond Biscuits For Coffee Dunking
Solution: Biscotti

Question: Lawless And Unruly Against The System
Solution: Anarchic

Question: Mixing With Water To Make Less Strong
Solution: Diluting

Question: Mountain Range Separating France And Spain
Solution: Pyrenees

Question: Not Quite The Color Of Snow Slightly Grayish
Solution: Off white

Question: Not Quite The Shade Of Snow Slightly Darker
Solution: Off white

Question: Paying No Heed
Solution: Ignoring

Question: Son Of Helios Killed Driving The Sun Chariot
Solution: Phaethon

Question: To Do With The Christian Holy Book
Solution: Biblical

Question: To Jump Off A Piece Of Equipment On Gymnastics
Solution: Dismount

Question: Type Of Bird That Was Harry Potters Companion
Solution: Snowy owl

Question: Visually Experiencing Less Than Perfect Vision
Solution: Impaired

Question: Wonderful Magnificent Extraordinary
Solution: Fabulous

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