Codycross Science Lab Group 314 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Attach It To Your Back And You Can Fly
Solution: Jetpack

Question: Drink Partaken By Lecter With Liver And Fava Beans
Solution: Chianti

Question: Fast And Close Brazilian Dance
Solution: Lambada

Question: Groaned Like A Floorboard
Solution: Creaked

Question: Headgear Worn On A Building Site
Solution: Hard hat

Question: Hesitation Being Careful About Proceeding
Solution: Caution

Question: Military Gestures Of Respect Given To Servicemen
Solution: Salutes

Question: Moscow Citadel The Seat Of The Russian Government
Solution: Kremlin

Question: Muslim Holy Period Marked By Prayer And Abstinence
Solution: Ramadan

Question: Ocean Containing An Area Called Ring Of Fire
Solution: Pacific

Question: Person In Charge Of A Starship And Crew
Solution: Captain

Question: Sicilian Capital City
Solution: Palermo

Question: Small Rodent Wrongly Known For Jumping Off Cliffs
Solution: Lemming

Question: Spanish Hotel Run By The Government
Solution: Parador

Question: Survive Longer Than Someone Else
Solution: Outlive

Question: To Give Advice
Solution: Counsel

Question: Top Selling Cookie Brand In The US
Solution: Nabisco

Question: Unkindness Viciousness
Solution: Cruelty

Question: Wife Of King Henry II Of England
Solution: Eleanor

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