Codycross Science Lab Group 314 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: All Seeing 100 Eyed Giant Of Greek Myth Argos
Solution: Panoptes

Question: Americas Relative Who Recruited Soldiers
Solution: Uncle sam

Question: Bear Abide Endure
Solution: Tolerate

Question: Country Whose Capital Is Kuala Lumpur
Solution: Malaysia

Question: Film Editors Completed Product
Solution: Final cut

Question: Generic Name For Elderly Memory Loss
Solution: Dementia

Question: Global Soccer Tournament Held Every Four Years
Solution: World cup

Question: Grapes That Are Easier To Eat
Solution: Seedless

Question: Like Animal Hide
Solution: Leathery

Question: Limited Guarantee Or Assurance On Goods
Solution: Warranty

Question: Physical Education Occurs Here
Solution: Gym class

Question: Replaced Ammunition In Empty Gun
Solution: Reloaded

Question: Solutions To Soothe Ocular Aches
Solution: Eyedrops

Question: Tuneful Melodic
Solution: Harmonic

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