Codycross Science Lab Group 314 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Anger Annoy Someone
Solution: Enrage

Question: Canadian Capital
Solution: Ottawa

Question: Childe US Impressionist Painted Geraniums
Solution: Hassam

Question: Fifty Shades Of Grey Star Jamie
Solution: Dornan

Question: Gave Back Loan Money
Solution: Repaid

Question: Ghostly Character In Shakespeares Macbeth
Solution: Banquo

Question: Horse Rider
Solution: Jockey

Question: Ice Huts Built By The Inuit
Solution: Igloos

Question: Ill Tempered And Moody
Solution: Cranky

Question: Medical Word For The Womb
Solution: Uterus

Question: Musician Who Wrote I Shot The Sheriff Bob
Solution: Marley

Question: Peanut Housings
Solution: Shells

Question: Philadelphias Pro Hockey Team
Solution: Flyers

Question: Protein Found In Wheat Grains
Solution: Gluten

Question: Romaine Salad And The Dressing Used
Solution: Caesar

Question: Roman Philosophical Writer And Orator
Solution: Cicero

Question: Tropical Palm Stems Used To Make Garden Chairs
Solution: Rattan

Question: Turn The Volume Back On
Solution: Unmute

Question: Two Equal Or Nearly Equal Parts Of A Whole
Solution: Halves

Question: Two Piece Pool Attire
Solution: Bikini

Question: Value Of The Shares Issued By A Company
Solution: Equity

Question: Club Liverpool Venue The Beatles Made Famous
Solution: Cavern

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