Codycross Science Lab Group 313 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Matter Of Choice
Solution: Optional

Question: Birthplace Of The Entertainer Rihanna
Solution: Barbados

Question: Boasting
Solution: Bragging

Question: Frame For The Feet Attached To A Horses Saddle
Solution: Stirrups

Question: Hetch Hetchy Valley Locale National Park
Solution: Yosemite

Question: Insulin Secreting Organ
Solution: Pancreas

Question: Libyan City Where 2 US Facilities Were Attacked
Solution: Benghazi

Question: Loyal Truthful Daughter To Her Father King Lear
Solution: Cordelia

Question: Omission Of Part Of A Sentence
Solution: Ellipsis

Question: Portable Electric Appliance For Slow Cooking
Solution: Crockpot

Question: Route To Freedom For Many Slaves Underground
Solution: Railroad

Question: Short Legged Cat Named After French Emperor
Solution: Napoleon

Question: Superman In TVs Lois Clark
Solution: Dean cain

Question: The Organ The Secretes Insulin
Solution: Pancreas

Question: The Outer Packaging Of Sweets
Solution: Wrappers

Question: Type Of Charge Carried By A Proton
Solution: Positive

Question: Verdi Opera About A Fallen Woman La
Solution: Traviata

Question: Waterfall Along The Zambezi River Falls
Solution: Victoria

Question: You Can Choose To Do It If You Want Not Obligatory
Solution: Optional

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