Codycross Science Lab Group 312 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Declaring Illegal
Solution: Outlawing

Question: Detached Using A Tool To Remove Metal Pin
Solution: Unscrewed

Question: English Musician Thom Yorkes Band
Solution: Radiohead

Question: Game To Find A List Of Elusive Items Hunt
Solution: Scavenger

Question: Jersey Shore Soft Taffy Variety
Solution: Salt water

Question: Killer Whale Movie
Solution: Freewilly

Question: Of Clothes That Are Exceedingly Close Fitting
Solution: Skintight

Question: Planned Schedule Of Events Lessons Flights Etc
Solution: Timetable

Question: Process Removed A President From Office
Solution: Impeached

Question: Removing Someones Weapons
Solution: Disarming

Question: Statement Of Terms Final Demand
Solution: Ultimatum

Question: Steamship That Rescued Passengers Of The Titanic
Solution: Carpathia

Question: Sunken Area Where Houses Are Sucked Underground
Solution: Sinkholes

Question: Sweet Treat Also Known As Cinder Toffee
Solution: Honeycomb

Question: The State Of Being Supplied With Enough Water
Solution: Hydration

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