Codycross Science Lab Group 312 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Sea Largest Inland Body Of Water In The World
Solution: Caspian

Question: A Small Number You Can Count With Your Fingers
Solution: Handful

Question: Educational Institutions For Pupils
Solution: Schools

Question: Judy Garlands Iconic Wizard Of Oz Role
Solution: Dorothy

Question: Least Content Or Cheerful
Solution: Saddest

Question: Lewis Carrolls Real Surname
Solution: Dodgson

Question: Mysteries Puzzles
Solution: Enigmas

Question: Propelled A Canoe With Oars
Solution: Paddled

Question: Red Wings Mascot Put On The Ice Before Games
Solution: Octopus

Question: Rights A Wrong On Behalf Of Someone
Solution: Avenges

Question: River That Julius Caesar Crossed To Get To Rome
Solution: Rubicon

Question: Rotting Plant Matter Enriches Soil In The Garden
Solution: Compost

Question: Soft Cover Bedding Item
Solution: Blanket

Question: Spice Girls Debut Single
Solution: Wannabe

Question: The Spielbergs Movie With Kids And Pirates
Solution: Goonies

Question: To Mark With Many Small Dots Specks
Solution: Stipple

Question: Worried About Something
Solution: Nervous

Question: Fields Where Virtuous Greeks Spent Eternity
Solution: Elysian

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