Codycross Science Lab Group 312 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Midsummer Nights Dream Is One
Solution: Comedy

Question: A Remote Hard To Find Address Off The Path
Solution: Beaten

Question: Astronaut Who Led Apollo 13 James
Solution: Lovell

Question: Basket For Dirty Clothes
Solution: Hamper

Question: Edible Bivalve Found In Rockpools
Solution: Mussel

Question: Green Film Over Copper Appears Over Time
Solution: Patina

Question: Less Cold
Solution: Warmer

Question: Lexus Is The Luxury Car Division Of This Car Maker
Solution: Toyota

Question: Long Boards Of Wood Walked On By Bad Pirates
Solution: Planks

Question: Precious Gem One Of Decembers Birthstones
Solution: Zircon

Question: Small Balkan State Declared Independence In 2008
Solution: Kosovo

Question: Straw Hat
Solution: Boater

Question: Sweeping Implements
Solution: Brooms

Question: Swing The Bat And Miss A Delivery In Baseball
Solution: Strike

Question: Thinks Deeply And Sadly
Solution: Broods

Question: Toughen Solidify
Solution: Harden

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