Codycross Science Lab Group 311 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Another Name For Shrove Tuesday Fat Tuesday
Solution: Mardi gras

Question: California Neighborhood Known For Its Glamor
Solution: Hollywood

Question: Coordination Of A Complex Military Operation
Solution: Logistics

Question: Device With Spinning Discs Mounted On An Axis
Solution: Gyroscope

Question: Drooled Dribbled Slobbered
Solution: Salivated

Question: Ferocious Dog Such As In The Sherlock Holmes Tale
Solution: Hellhound

Question: Intense Weather Event With Precipitation
Solution: Rainstorm

Question: Morning Brew Is Drunk From This
Solution: Coffee cup

Question: Narrow Or Taper To A Point Eg Of A Leaf
Solution: Acuminate

Question: Not Clear Enough To Be Read Or Understood
Solution: Illegible

Question: Painful Dental Procedure
Solution: Rootcanal

Question: Racing Of Bikes That Run On Gas
Solution: Motocross

Question: Separated No Longer Together
Solution: Estranged

Question: Small Sacs Cavities That Surround Hair Roots
Solution: Follicles

Question: Soaked Meat In Flavored Liquid
Solution: Marinated

Question: Soaked Meat In Liquid
Solution: Marinated

Question: The Holding Of Severe Religious Views
Solution: Extremism

Question: Tripwire
Solution: Booby trap

Question: Turn One On In The Dark
Solution: Light bulb

Question: Vagrants Or Drifters
Solution: Vagabonds

Question: What You Drink Your Morning Brew From
Solution: Coffee cup

Question: Worship Veneration
Solution: Adulation

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