Codycross Science Lab Group 311 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Flow Of Water In A Particular Direction
Solution: Current

Question: Apple Martins Mother Actress Paltrow
Solution: Gwyneth

Question: Crayon Company
Solution: Crayola

Question: Docking Places Where Yachts Are Kept
Solution: Marinas

Question: Doesnt Give In To Temptation
Solution: Resists

Question: Envious
Solution: Jealous

Question: Fictional Setting Of The Princess Diaries
Solution: Genovia

Question: Harbors Where Yachts Are Kept
Solution: Marinas

Question: Italian Crisp Pastry Filled With Sweet Cheese
Solution: Cannoli

Question: Plant That Frogs Sit On In A Pond
Solution: Lily pad

Question: Three Pronged Fork Carried By Poseidon
Solution: Trident

Question: Vincent Post Impressionist Starry Night Artist
Solution: Van gogh

Question: Watery Patches On The Ground For Splashing In
Solution: Puddles

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