Codycross Science Lab Group 311 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Noisy Coward Is All Bark And
Solution: No bite

Question: Acre Holy City For Bahai In Jewish Country
Solution: Israel‎

Question: Bent Metal Wire For Fastening Papers
Solution: Staple

Question: Exercise Tracker
Solution: Fitbit

Question: Fiercely Burning
Solution: Ablaze

Question: Genesis Album Uses Just Three Alphabetical Letters
Solution: Abacab

Question: Hit Moves Batter Three Bases In Baseball
Solution: Triple

Question: Italian Island Used As A Prison By Mussolini
Solution: Ustica

Question: Monet Painted Over A Pond Of Water Lilies
Solution: Bridge

Question: Name Of Angelina And Brads First Biological Child
Solution: Shiloh

Question: Outdoor Eating Excursion
Solution: Picnic

Question: Pedaled On Two Wheels
Solution: Cycled

Question: Raised Up Elevated Something
Solution: Lifted

Question: Repeat Broadcasts Of TV Series
Solution: Reruns

Question: Rode On Two Wheels
Solution: Cycled

Question: Stage Of Development Of Unhatched Offspring
Solution: Embryo

Question: What The Director Shouts To Start Filming
Solution: Action

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