Codycross Science Lab Group 311 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Comic Strip About A Cat And A Dog Odie Too
Solution: Garfield

Question: Contained Areas For Kids To Have Fun
Solution: Playpens

Question: Don Drysdales Sport
Solution: Baseball

Question: Ex British Colony Southern Currently Zimbabwe
Solution: Rhodesia

Question: French Term For Goodbye
Solution: Au revoir

Question: Hope A Friday Doesnt Fall On This Number
Solution: Thirteen

Question: Italian Restaurant Serving Savory Pies
Solution: Pizzeria

Question: Nationality Of Manny Pacquiao And Imelda Marcos
Solution: Filipino

Question: Objective A Balanced View
Solution: Unbiased

Question: Obtaining From Suppliers
Solution: Sourcing

Question: People Responsible For A Crime
Solution: Culprits

Question: Place To Eat Margheritas
Solution: Pizzeria

Question: Prolonged Period Of Higher Than Usual Temperatures
Solution: Heat wave

Question: Smothering A Noise
Solution: Muffling

Question: Throws Away
Solution: Discards

Question: Luke Newman Goes To Jail In 1967 Film
Solution: Cool hand

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