Codycross Science Lab Group 310 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Renaissance Literally Means This
Solution: Rebirth

Question: A Home Delivered Shopping Parcel
Solution: Package

Question: Four Players On Court In Tennis
Solution: Doubles

Question: Greek Goddess Of The Hunt Diana To The Romans
Solution: Artemis

Question: Hotel Refreshment Box
Solution: Minibar

Question: Italian Dumplings Of Potato And Semolina
Solution: Gnocchi

Question: Juliets Family Name In Shakespeares Play
Solution: Capulet

Question: Material Used In Ancient Egypt For Writing
Solution: Papyrus

Question: Ocean Animal With Tentacles
Solution: Octopus

Question: Odd Rare Objects From Foreign Countries
Solution: Exotica

Question: Small Immature Tree
Solution: Sapling

Question: Trinidadian Dance Music Also A Sea Nymph
Solution: Calypso

Question: Where The Train Pulls Into
Solution: Station

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