Codycross Science Lab Group 310 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Childrens Vitamin D Deficiency Disease
Solution: Rickets

Question: Church Spire
Solution: Steeple

Question: Deep Blue Copper Carbonate Mineral
Solution: Azurite

Question: Groups Of Geese
Solution: Gaggles

Question: Jiminy Friend Of Pinocchio
Solution: Cricket

Question: Longed For
Solution: Yearned

Question: Maya Inspirational Human Rights Poet
Solution: Angelou

Question: Nastro Beer By The Italian Peroni Brewery
Solution: Azzurro

Question: One Who Makes Bets
Solution: Gambler

Question: Ounces In A Pound
Solution: Sixteen

Question: Provisons In A Contract
Solution: Clauses

Question: Routes Carved Through Rocks For Cars
Solution: Tunnels

Question: Try To Achieve
Solution: Attempt

Question: Windows 10s Personal Assistant By Microsoft
Solution: Cortana

Question: Word Made From The Letters Of Another
Solution: Anagram

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