Codycross Science Lab Group 309 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Black And White Spotted Dog Breed
Solution: Dalmatian

Question: City That Presents The Nobel Prize For Literature
Solution: Stockholm

Question: Damage To Coral Reefs By Excessively Warm Water
Solution: Bleaching

Question: Explosives Designed To Be Buried Under The Surface
Solution: Land mines

Question: Founder Of Amazon
Solution: Jeff bezos

Question: German Pen Maker And French Italian Mountain
Solution: Montblanc

Question: It Enables Tots To Sit At The Table
Solution: High chair

Question: Later At A Subsequent Time
Solution: Afterward

Question: Medical Term For Nerve Pain
Solution: Neuralgia

Question: Queen Has An Epiphany With This Song
Solution: Breakthru

Question: Snapping Device For Despatching Rodents
Solution: Mousetrap

Question: Tennis Court Markings For Doubles Play
Solution: Tramlines

Question: Unfastening Separating
Solution: Detaching

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