Codycross Science Lab Group 309 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Comfortable Indoor Shoe
Solution: Slipper

Question: Goes Against Someone
Solution: Opposes

Question: Hair Was Cut A Little Bit
Solution: Trimmed

Question: How Bond Likes His Martinis Shaken Not
Solution: Stirred

Question: Land Topography
Solution: Terrain

Question: Last Major Taxonomic Group After Genus
Solution: Species

Question: Long Locks Of Hair
Solution: Tresses

Question: Mentally Prepared Someone For A Task
Solution: Psyched

Question: Popular Italian Chocolate Spread With Hazelnuts
Solution: Nutella

Question: Too Close For
Solution: Comfort

Question: Treaty Of Sought WWI Peace With Hungary
Solution: Trianon

Question: Used By Adam To Hide His Modesty
Solution: Fig leaf

Question: Used By Adam To Preserve His Modesty
Solution: Fig leaf

Question: Verify
Solution: Confirm

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