Codycross Science Lab Group 308 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Long Bristle On A Cats Face
Solution: Whisker

Question: African Country Whose Name Means Free In Latin
Solution: Liberia

Question: Death Sentence Poison Taken By Socrates
Solution: Hemlock

Question: Hot Cream And Chocolate Sauce
Solution: Ganache

Question: Human Body Part At Front Between Wrist And Elbow
Solution: Forearm

Question: Its The Early Bird That Catches
Solution: The worm

Question: Magi Or Three Kings
Solution: Wise men

Question: Sloping Inclined
Solution: Slanted

Question: Star Wars Sandy Pit With Mouth And Beaked Tongue
Solution: Sarlacc

Question: Too Sick To Keep An Appointment Under The
Solution: Weather

Question: Tools For Nailing
Solution: Hammers

Question: Use These For Crushing Ingredients In Mortars
Solution: Pestles

Question: West Coast Metropolis Nicknamed The Rain City
Solution: Seattle

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