Codycross Science Lab Group 308 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Driver Or Putter
Solution: Golf club

Question: Band Fronted By Jerry Garcia Dead
Solution: Grateful

Question: Clothing Made Of Wool
Solution: Knitwear

Question: Hides Something From Sight
Solution: Conceals

Question: Hindu Women Wear A Bindi On This Part Of The Face
Solution: Forehead

Question: James Deans Character In Rebel Without A Cause
Solution: Jim stark

Question: Lazy Like An Amazon Creature Or Deadly Sin
Solution: Slothful

Question: Lover Of Troilus Written About By Shakespeare
Solution: Cressida

Question: No Without Representation
Solution: Taxation

Question: Person Who Sells Goods Abroad In Bulk
Solution: Exporter

Question: Projectile Fragments That Wound
Solution: Shrapnel

Question: Repurposed Used Again
Solution: Recycled

Question: T Shaped Device For Washing Windows
Solution: Squeegee

Question: Things You Wear On Your Feet
Solution: Footwear

Question: Torricelli Defined Air He Created A Barometer
Solution: Pressure

Question: Warm Whiskey Drink With Honey Lemon And Spices
Solution: Hot toddy

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