Codycross Science Lab Group 308 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Addictive Painkiller
Solution: Opioid

Question: Childrens Television Network
Solution: Sprout

Question: Criminal Such As Jesse James
Solution: Outlaw

Question: Language Of The Communist Manifesto
Solution: German

Question: Legal
Solution: Lawful

Question: Manufacturer Of Ivory Soap Proctor
Solution: Gamble

Question: Musee Paris Museum With Impressionist Artworks
Solution: Dorsay

Question: Need For Liquid
Solution: Thirst

Question: Of Work Or A Job That Doesnt Require Much Skill
Solution: Menial

Question: Snarl Up Like Hair
Solution: Tangle

Question: Stephen King Book Teen Doused In Pigs Blood
Solution: Carrie

Question: Throws Discards
Solution: Chucks

Question: Worlds Second Smallest Continent In Area
Solution: Europe

Question: Young Birds Of Prey Tawny Little Or Barn
Solution: Owlets

Question: Pants MCs Baggy Trousers Like Harem Pants
Solution: Hammer

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