Codycross Science Lab Group 307 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Almond Paste Used To Top Cakes
Solution: Marzipan

Question: Almond Paste Modeled Or Used To Top Cakes
Solution: Marzipan

Question: Blood Protein That Fights Infections
Solution: Antibody

Question: Branch Of Science Relating To The Study Of Cells
Solution: Cytology

Question: Bullying Or Annoying Online
Solution: Trolling

Question: Carotenoid Responsible For A Tomatos Red Color
Solution: Lycopene

Question: Closed Prison Off The Coast Of San Francisco
Solution: Alcatraz

Question: Immense And Gigantic Expanse
Solution: Vastness

Question: Live Music Shows
Solution: Concerts

Question: Marks On The Body Resembling Crucifixion Wounds
Solution: Stigmata

Question: Opposite Of Emptiness
Solution: Fullness

Question: Places Where People Live In Groups
Solution: Communes

Question: Separating Process Used To Turn Milk To Cheese
Solution: Curdling

Question: Slang For A Male Friendship
Solution: Bromance

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