Codycross Science Lab Group 307 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Coniferous Trees Maybe Seen In Lebanon
Solution: Cedars

Question: Disappointment
Solution: Dismay

Question: Euphemism Meaning Dead And Buried
Solution: At rest

Question: Explorer Who Discovered The Pacific Ocean
Solution: Balboa

Question: First Country To Require Unsold Food Be Donated
Solution: France

Question: Holiday Associated With Egg Hunting
Solution: Easter

Question: Make Larger Or Longer
Solution: Extend

Question: Method Of Trading Before Currency
Solution: Barter

Question: Pouches On Either Side Of The Face For Blusher
Solution: Cheeks

Question: Records
Solution: Albums

Question: Special Lucky Cards In The Monopoly Board Game
Solution: Chance

Question: Street Musician Who Collects Money
Solution: Busker

Question: The Republic At The Center Of The Handmaids Tale
Solution: Gilead

Question: Toys And Games Company That Owns Parker Brothers
Solution: Hasbro

Question: Uttered By Archimedes And The Solution To Problems
Solution: Eureka

Question: League Of Junior Baseball
Solution: Little

Question: League Junior Baseball Organization
Solution: Little

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