Codycross Science Lab Group 306 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Attire For Skinny Dippers Suit
Solution: Birthday

Question: Brass Instrument With A Slide
Solution: Trombone

Question: Deep Abyss And Prison For The Titans In Greek Myth
Solution: Tartarus

Question: Fictional Doctor Who Talks To Animals
Solution: Dolittle

Question: Fighting
Solution: Brawling

Question: First Female UK Prime Minister Margaret
Solution: Thatcher

Question: French Wine Region Stretching From Dijon To Macon
Solution: Burgundy

Question: Gilbert And Sullivan Operetta The Pirates Of
Solution: Penzance

Question: Intercepting A Pass In Basketball
Solution: Stealing

Question: Interfering Poking Ones Nose In
Solution: Meddling

Question: Karachi Was Once Capital Of This Asian Nation
Solution: Pakistan

Question: L Shaped Hexagonal Tool For Furniture Assembly
Solution: Allen key

Question: Major Island Of Indonesia Formerly Celebes
Solution: Sulawesi

Question: Obstacles Or Hindrances
Solution: Setbacks

Question: Style Of Chicken Wings
Solution: Boneless

Question: US City Famous For Gambling
Solution: Las vegas

Question: Very Young Trees
Solution: Saplings

Question: Weightlifting Poles
Solution: Barbells

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