Codycross Science Lab Group 306 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Actor Starring In Magnum PI Tom
Solution: Selleck

Question: Baked Breakfast Cereal Of Oats Fruit And Nuts
Solution: Granola

Question: Best Selling Fleetwood Mac Album
Solution: Rumours

Question: Country Home To Historical Region Of Transylvania
Solution: Romania

Question: Dead Animals Collectors Attach To A Pinboard
Solution: Insects

Question: Disarms Makes Safe
Solution: Defuses

Question: Disarms Makes Safe Stops A Bomb
Solution: Defuses

Question: He Keeps The Riffraff Out Of Night Clubs
Solution: Bouncer

Question: Lack Of Success
Solution: Failure

Question: Legendary First King And Founder Of Rome
Solution: Romulus

Question: Professional That Fixes Pipes And Drains
Solution: Plumber

Question: Relating To Earthquakes Or Other Earth Vibrations
Solution: Seismic

Question: Rubbish Trash
Solution: Garbage

Question: Rules Over People
Solution: Governs

Question: Team That Changes Tires On A Racing Car
Solution: Pit crew

Question: Team That Changes Wheels On A Car During A Race
Solution: Pit crew

Question: To Divide Into Three Equal Parts
Solution: Trisect

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