Codycross Science Lab Group 306 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Authoritarian Government
Solution: Regime

Question: Become Invisible
Solution: Vanish

Question: Calm Someone Down Eg Give Baby A Soother
Solution: Pacify

Question: Capital Of Colombia
Solution: Bogota

Question: Fastest Type Of Gait For A Horse
Solution: Gallop

Question: Footwear Label That Victoria Beckham Designs For
Solution: Reebok

Question: Gland That Plays A Key Role In T Cell Maturation
Solution: Thymus

Question: Nuts Used To Make Pralines In New Orleans
Solution: Pecans

Question: Portray Illustrate
Solution: Depict

Question: Song By The Beatles Strawberry Forever
Solution: Fields

Question: Spring Flowers From Bulbs Grown In The Netherlands
Solution: Tulips

Question: Sum Paid For Capturing Someone
Solution: Bounty

Question: The Sailors Betray Their Captain
Solution: Mutiny

Question: Unusual Skin Color Of Willy Wonkas Oompa Loompas
Solution: Orange

Question: Winners Victors
Solution: Champs

Question: Zodiac Crustacean
Solution: Cancer

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