Codycross Science Lab Group 306 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Amazonian Queen Killed By Hercules
Solution: Hippolyta

Question: An Intimate Male Partner
Solution: Boyfriend

Question: Another Word For Doctor
Solution: Physician

Question: Burst Into Flames Perhaps Spontaneously
Solution: Combusted

Question: Colonial Soldiers Ready For Duty On Instant Notice
Solution: Minutemen

Question: Digs Up Removes Earth From
Solution: Excavates

Question: Disastrous Events
Solution: Tragedies

Question: Espresso Coffee With A Small Measure Of Milk
Solution: Macchiato

Question: Last Base In Baseball
Solution: Home plate

Question: North By Hitchcock Movie With A Crop Duster
Solution: Northwest

Question: Paris 2015 International Climate Change Accord
Solution: Agreement

Question: Place Where Cinema Tickets Are Bought
Solution: Box office

Question: Preserved In A Sacred Place
Solution: Enshrined

Question: Reaching A Goal
Solution: Achieving

Question: The Hunchback Of Hugos Parisian Love Story
Solution: Notre dame

Question: The Most Northern Capital City In The World
Solution: Reykjavik

Question: The Most Thin Most Svelte
Solution: Skinniest

Question: Unconventional Strange
Solution: Eccentric

Question: Vaccine
Solution: Injection

Question: Walts Nautical Themed Tokyo Resort
Solution: Disneysea

Question: Chant Roman Catholic Sacred Music
Solution: Gregorian

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