Codycross Science Lab Group 306 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Less Scientific Name For The Coccyx
Solution: Tailbone

Question: Canines Master And Provider
Solution: Dog owner

Question: Censored Obscured Edited
Solution: Redacted

Question: High Speed Plane
Solution: Concorde

Question: Honest Candid
Solution: Truthful

Question: Inspecting Your Financial Accounts
Solution: Auditing

Question: Island Nation South Of India
Solution: Sri lanka

Question: Keats Poem About A Shepherd Loved By Selene
Solution: Endymion

Question: Liticaphobia Is The Fear Of These
Solution: Lawsuits

Question: Meadows For Cattle Grazing
Solution: Pastures

Question: Michael Jacksons Biggest Selling Album Ever
Solution: Thriller

Question: Musical Film Winner Of Six Academy Awards In 2017
Solution: La la land

Question: Not A Cynic
Solution: Optimist

Question: Poured Delicately Over Eg On A Cake
Solution: Drizzled

Question: Seafood Recommended For Boosting Brainpower
Solution: Oily fish

Question: Soldiers Quarters Often Temporary
Solution: Barracks

Question: Sparkling Italian Wine
Solution: Prosecco

Question: Suddenly Upsetting
Solution: Shocking

Question: Washes Clothes
Solution: Launders

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