Codycross Science Lab Group 305 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Ducks Walk
Solution: Waddle

Question: Any TV Series With Laughs
Solution: Sitcom

Question: For Whom Miss Piggy Pines
Solution: Kermit

Question: Groups Of Political Plotters Or Conspirators
Solution: Cabals

Question: Instructions For Cooking A List Of Ingredients
Solution: Recipe

Question: Iron Rockers Named After A Device Of Torture
Solution: Maiden

Question: Joining Of Two Businesses
Solution: Merger

Question: Large Garden Spade Used For Planting A Tree
Solution: Shovel

Question: Largest Island In Thailand
Solution: Phuket

Question: Luxury Trip On An Ocean Liner
Solution: Cruise

Question: Modest And Shy
Solution: Demure

Question: Name For A Group Of Tigers
Solution: Ambush

Question: Opposite Of Execution
Solution: Pardon

Question: People From The Largest Continent Are Called
Solution: Asians

Question: Pulled Something Heavy Or Cumbersome
Solution: Lugged

Question: Seamus Nobel Laureate Famous For Beowulf Work
Solution: Heaney

Question: Set Off A Rocket
Solution: Launch

Question: To Look Over The Items In A Collection
Solution: Curate

Question: Venue For The US Open Ashe Stadium
Solution: Arthur

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