Codycross Science Lab Group 304 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Astronomical Instrument From Hellenistic World
Solution: Astrolabe

Question: Binding Supportive Bandages
Solution: Strapping

Question: Breathed In Inhaled
Solution: Aspirated

Question: Business Commercial Trading
Solution: Corporate

Question: Having An Imposing Frontage Of A Building
Solution: Edificial

Question: Heated Box To Keep Fertilized Chicken Eggs Warm
Solution: Incubator

Question: Lines Of Longitude
Solution: Meridians

Question: Mixes Eggs And Cooks In Pan
Solution: Scrambles

Question: Prescribed Or Required By Etiquette Or Fashion
Solution: De rigueur

Question: Quip Or Clever Remark
Solution: Witticism

Question: Watchfulness Alertness
Solution: Vigilance

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