Codycross Science Lab Group 304 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The
Solution: Beholder

Question: 2017 Kentucky Derby Winner Always
Solution: Dreaming

Question: Christ The Rio De Janeiro Hilltop Statue
Solution: Redeemer

Question: Crushes A Piece Of Paper
Solution: Crumples

Question: Dilapidated Apartment In An Inner City Slum
Solution: Tenement

Question: Graphic Illustrations That Explain A Concept
Solution: Diagrams

Question: Inflammation Of The Bladder
Solution: Cystitis

Question: Inhabitant Occupier Homeowner
Solution: Resident

Question: Kitchen Tools With Flat End For Scraping Out Bowls
Solution: Spatulas

Question: Mosaic Tiles On The Floors Of Villas In Ancient Rome
Solution: Tesserae

Question: Pretending Falsifying
Solution: Feigning

Question: Resignation Endurance Of Pain Without Complaining
Solution: Stoicism

Question: The Big Red Dog
Solution: Clifford

Question: Voting In Somebody Democratically
Solution: Electing

Question: Coupons Are Good To Save Money
Solution: Discount

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