Codycross Science Lab Group 304 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Bogota Is This Countrys Capital
Solution: Colombia

Question: Canine That Helps To Herd The Lambs On A Farm
Solution: Sheepdog

Question: Classification System Of Organisms In Biology
Solution: Taxonomy

Question: Dried And Shriveled Like A Dead Plant
Solution: Withered

Question: Dried Like A Dead Plant
Solution: Withered

Question: Film Festival Started By Robert Redford In 1978
Solution: Sundance

Question: Hound That Keeps Wooly Ruminants In Check
Solution: Sheepdog

Question: Magic Hall Where Odin Keeps The Dead He Chooses
Solution: Valhalla

Question: Religion With A Festival Of Lights Called Diwali
Solution: Hinduism

Question: Removing The Shell
Solution: Shucking

Question: Sent Items Abroad For Sale
Solution: Exported

Question: Show Of Open Disobedience Digging In
Solution: Defiance

Question: Torontos Baseball Team
Solution: Blue jays

Question: What The Rolling Stones Had For The Devil
Solution: Sympathy

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