Codycross Science Lab Group 303 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: British Soldiers In The US War Of Independence
Solution: Redcoats

Question: Chucking Flinging Tossing
Solution: Throwing

Question: Ellen Ripleys Spacecraft In Alien
Solution: Nostromo

Question: Game With Pieces With Varying Numbers Of Spots
Solution: Dominoes

Question: Greek Sea God Poseidon Took On This Equine Guise
Solution: Stallion

Question: Month Of Valentines
Solution: February

Question: Ocean Where The Falklands Islands Are Located
Solution: Atlantic

Question: Person Involved In Sales Or Trade
Solution: Merchant

Question: Smelly Volatile For Painting Fences With
Solution: Creosote

Question: Sorcerer In The Tempest
Solution: Prospero

Question: State Thats Home To The Cornhuskers
Solution: Nebraska

Question: Steely Nickname For Margaret Thatcher
Solution: Iron lady

Question: The Early Signs Of Dentition
Solution: Teething

Question: Thick Pureed Fruit Or Veggies Energy Drink
Solution: Smoothie

Question: Unexpected Attacks By Soldiers
Solution: Ambushes

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