Codycross Science Lab Group 303 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Wide Brimmed Hat Associated With Cowboys
Solution: Stetson

Question: Ban A Practice Or Law
Solution: Abolish

Question: Bent Dishonest
Solution: Crooked

Question: Electric Mixing Machine With A Powerful Blade
Solution: Blender

Question: Fortress On High Ground Protecting A City
Solution: Citadel

Question: Green Gem
Solution: Emerald

Question: Holds Like A Baby
Solution: Cradles

Question: Julia Actress Won An Oscar As Erin Brockovich
Solution: Roberts

Question: Large Appliance For Keeping Food Frozen
Solution: Freezer

Question: More Common Name For Hansens Disease
Solution: Leprosy

Question: Raw Fish Japanese Style Without Rice
Solution: Sashimi

Question: Sense Beethoven Lost In His 30s
Solution: Hearing

Question: Tidal River Mouth
Solution: Estuary

Question: World Famous News Agency Based In London
Solution: Reuters

Question: Youngest US President To Die During His Term
Solution: Kennedy

Question: Stone Helped Decipher Hieroglyphics
Solution: Rosetta

Question: Bone Also Stapes Found In The Middle Ear
Solution: Stirrup

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