Codycross Science Lab Group 303 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Capital City On The Island Of Taiwan
Solution: Taipei

Question: Famous Comedians Chong
Solution: Cheech

Question: Food Prepared According To Jewish Dietary Laws
Solution: Kosher

Question: French Form Of The Name Peter
Solution: Pierre

Question: Gone In 60 Seconds
Solution: Minute

Question: Helen Social Activist Who Was Deaf And Blind
Solution: Keller

Question: Hit Song By Beyonce Ladies
Solution: Single

Question: Interrupt A Speech Or On Stage Performance
Solution: Heckle

Question: Lou The Iron Horse Of 1920s And 1930s Baseball
Solution: Gehrig

Question: Mischievous Tricks Played By Leprechauns
Solution: Pranks

Question: National Flower Of Mexico
Solution: Dahlia

Question: Nickname Of The Academy Awards For Film
Solution: Oscars

Question: Paris Art Museum With A Glass Pyramid
Solution: Louvre

Question: Sacrificial Move To Gain Advantage In Chess
Solution: Gambit

Question: Secure Place To Leave Clothes At The Gym
Solution: Locker

Question: Smart
Solution: Clever

Question: Venomous Snakes
Solution: Adders

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