Codycross Science Lab Group 303 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Battle Of 490 BC And A Running Race In Its Honor
Solution: Marathon

Question: Fearless Fighters
Solution: Warriors

Question: Flat Wire Clip For Hair
Solution: Bobby pin

Question: Hand Small Explosive Weapons Thrown At Enemies
Solution: Grenades

Question: Heroine Of Shakespeares As You Like It
Solution: Rosalind

Question: Highly Regarded
Solution: Esteemed

Question: Italian City That Its Residents Call Firenze
Solution: Florence

Question: Life In The Living Full Of Excitement Danger
Solution: Fast lane

Question: Making Butter
Solution: Churning

Question: Official State Dog Of Alaska
Solution: Malamute

Question: One Of Eight Babies From The Same Birth
Solution: Octuplet

Question: Queen Who Married Ferdinand And Sponsored Columbus
Solution: Isabella

Question: Surname Of Spanish Singers Julio And Son Enrique
Solution: Iglesias

Question: Unwanted Outcome Silver Lining In Disguise
Solution: Blessing

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