Codycross Science Lab Group 302 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Series Of Rulers From The Same Family
Solution: Dynasty

Question: Ancient Greek Foot Soldier With Shield And Spear
Solution: Hoplite

Question: Biblical Giant Killed By David
Solution: Goliath

Question: Dessert Topping Of Flour Butter Like Sand
Solution: Crumble

Question: Doctor Pasternak Tale Of Revolutionary Russia
Solution: Zhivago

Question: Legal Process Of Proving A Will
Solution: Probate

Question: Midpoint
Solution: Halfway

Question: Move Countries
Solution: Migrate

Question: Religious Places Like At Cyrene And The Parthenon
Solution: Temples

Question: Ruling Family
Solution: Dynasty

Question: Small Australian Marsupial
Solution: Wallaby

Question: Tibetan Plateau River Flows Into Andaman Sea
Solution: Salween

Question: Two Dimensional Figure With Six Sides
Solution: Hexagon

Question: World War II Drama Saving Ryan
Solution: Private

Question: S Grant Northern General US President
Solution: Ulysses

Question: If You Can Frank Abagnale Jr Story
Solution: Catch me

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