Codycross Science Lab Group 302 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: 1982s Gandhi Film Star Ben
Solution: Kingsley

Question: Deserted Isolated Forlorn
Solution: Desolate

Question: Don Opera By Mozart About Libertine Don Juan
Solution: Giovanni

Question: Enrolled Members Of An Army
Solution: Recruits

Question: Fierceness
Solution: Ferocity

Question: Glands In The Roof Of Mouth Fight Off Infection
Solution: Adenoids

Question: Harshly Critical
Solution: Scathing

Question: He Mans Arch Enemy
Solution: Skeletor

Question: Hungarian Capital With Two Combined Cities
Solution: Budapest

Question: Microsofts File Hosting Service
Solution: Onedrive

Question: Passing Date Of Validity
Solution: Expiring

Question: Person Involved In A Lawsuit
Solution: Litigant

Question: Playground Game Combining Baseball And Soccer
Solution: Kickball

Question: Relating To The Arteries That Surround The Heart
Solution: Coronary

Question: Roman Emperor Began Construction Of City Walls
Solution: Aurelian

Question: Smearing Or Rubbing Something
Solution: Smudging

Question: Soluble Shells Of Medicine To Be Swallowed
Solution: Capsules

Question: Triumphs Wins Through
Solution: Prevails

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